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10 Bucks Says Eddie Griffin Plays Mushmouth

March 12-18

By Scocca & MacLeod | Posted 3/21/2001

Kudos to the hard-working presspersons at Baltimore's No-Alternative Daily Newspaper for a stellar job on the Sunday color supplement. Funny Paper was wowed by the snappy image quality, from the cleanly graded colors of For Better or For Worse to the less-mushy-than-usual color-pencil work of Non Sequitur. In this, if nothing else, The Sun whups The Washington Post's ass.

You Can Say That Again! Dept.:

"If there is a God, how do you explain th' ratings for Temptation Island'?"--Zippy, March 17

"Dear Preacher, If God is just and merciful . . . why is 'Temptation Island' a hit?"--Kudzu, March 17

Dilbert: A sick-leave riff crosses into Gahan Wilson territory with a detailed panel of Alice vomiting up her internal organs.

Non Sequitur: Monday: Lawyers. Tuesday: Death. Wednesday: Taxes. Thursday: Death. Friday: Death. Saturday: Taxes. Sunday: George W. Bush looks like a monkey.

The Boondocks: "What's 'Fat Albert'?! Only the greatest cartoon ever made! Conceived by Bill Cosby, master of positive black entertainment."

"What's it about?"

"A grotesquely overweight kid named Fat Albert and his friends Dumb Donald, Weird Harold, Mushmouth, etc."

Bonus punch line: "10 bucks says Eddie Griffin plays Mushmouth."

Cathy: Ménage à dog! Romantic tension builds as Cathy dog-sits Irving's four-legged helplessly neurotic companion.


Mark Trail: The kidnapping saga of Bruno the bear ends happily; someone dumps a forlorn cat near Lost Forest.

The Phantom: Jinks is dead; the action moves from Mawitaan to Baronkhan, where former Phantom ward Rex King is ruler. Rex King, ruler of Baronkhan. Falk & Barry love that thesaurus.

Rex Morgan, M.D.: June tries to find shelter for illiterate Marie and asthmatic little Beau to protect them from enraged, doctor-hating paterfamilias Willis McBride.

Luann: To clear Miguel's name, Luann concocts and executes a scheme to illegally record Tiffany's self-incriminating remarks about stealing Gunther's test paper.

Apartment 3G: Margo's excruciatingly slow legwork to prepare for suing landlord Dratman drags on. And on. Six whole days, just to discuss her next legal move with Mr. Allard. Luann hatched and completed her whole Linda Tripp play in three.

Mary Worth: Ostensibly reformed eco-terrorist Brad Kenwood begs secret wife Sylvia to take him back. Ah, Mary Worth . . . even amid the Monkey Wrench Gang, it's got to be "Brad" and "Sylvia."

Jump Start: Nitpickers argue over grammatical errors in a comic strip within the comic strip. Is Robb Armstrong trying to tell us something?

Gasoline Alley: Mandolin-theft episode ends with un hommage to the doorstep delivery of Skeezix back in nineteen-ought-two, or whenever it was that anybody actually read this strip.

Marmaduke: Great laffs from a Great Dane.

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