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Michelle Gienow

Kibby's Restaurant and Lounge

Address:3450 Wilkens Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21229

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By Erin Sullivan | Posted 3/15/2006

Everyone knows Kibbyís for its shrimp saladóhuge, whole shrimp drowned in Old Bay and mayonnaise, piled onto a kaiser roll. But sometimes you donít want shrimp (and sometimes you donít want to spend $10 on a sandwich, no matter what itís stuffed with). Thatís when we take a seat at the bar instead of in the dining room and order a round of Yeunglings ($3.50), a foot of onion rings ($4.50), and a couple of burgers. Kibbyís doesnít have a bunch of fancy toppings and names for the burgers. They come in three varieties: hamburger ($4.95), cheeseburger ($5.20), and supreme burger ($5.95). We like the plain janes just fine, but for our money, the supreme burger is where itís at: a huge hunk of ground beef smothered in cheddar, topped with bacon, and served with fries and a pickle. Itís cheap, itís satisfying, it goes great with a cold beer, and címon, itís got bacon. Who doesnít love bacon?

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