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David’s Restaurant and Deli

Address:3626 Suite A Falls Road
Baltimore, MD 21211

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By Wendy Ward | Posted 5/3/2006

David’s isn’t going to change the way you brunch—unless you’re craving an option directly in between a smoky old-school diner and Café Hon. The menu is standard fare, but afternoon light pours into the small dining area with wood floors, hotel art on the walls, and plenty of room between tables large enough for the paper. The real reason to hit this place is because David’s offers breakfast—and lunch and dinner—alla time, and “alla time” means 24 hours Thursday through Saturday. So get your dense omelet ($5.75) or Texas French toast with eggs and bacon ($6.75), both served with, get this, sliced-white-potatoes-from-the-can home fries, after the bars close and you know the Sip ’n’ Bite will be all steamed up and the line for Paper Moon is drunkenly snaked into the parking lot. The turkey club ($6.25) has American cheese on it, as seems tradition, and the hot dog with chili ($4.25) comes with a mortadella option. The BLT ($3.50) is nothing special, but sometimes a BLT at 2 a.m. is pretty effing special, no?

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