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Hollins Market

Address:26 S. Arlington Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21223

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By Gadi Dechter | Posted 5/10/2006

Fifty-eight cents an oyster. It bears repeating. A half-dozen large, well-shucked, mild, not slimy, not grainy raw oysters for $3.50. Even figuring in a quarter for a dollop of cocktail sauce—BYO hot sauce, horseradish, and lemon—you’re still beating Cross Street Market by almost half. Of course, in Federal Hill you pay for the pleasure of slurping alongside Legg Masonites, but the atmosphere was entirely pleasant at this Southwest Baltimore institution during a recent weekday lunch hour. The mixed crowd of old folk, construction workers, and neighborhood regulars (no screaming children, no tourists) lined up at Chuckie’s Fried Chicken stall, and so did we, after mollusk munching at Johnnie’s Seafood. The breasts were boob-a-licious ($2.49) and the drumsticks (79 cents) even more succulent and salty. The skin-on steak fries (79 cents) were just a bit mushy, but the mac ’n’ cheese side ($1.35) was perfect, not excessively cheesed. There’s nowhere to sit in Baltimore’s oldest public market, so we took our grub to the sidewalk; a good thing, because there we happened upon the charming Rosie’s Famous Deli across the street for coffee (89 cents) and a large scoop of local cookies-and-cream ($1.39). We’ll be back for the bespoke salads at the market, and the homemade waffles at Rosie’s.

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