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Cheap Eats

By Erin Sullivan | Posted 5/17/2006

Some people call it unhealthy when we say we’re having ice cream for dinner, but we prefer to think of it as our secret weapon for warding off osteoporosis and depression. We sit on the front stoop, enjoying the warm spring air, and wait to hear the first tinny off-pitch notes of “Farmer in the Dell,” or some such song, drifting our way. Then we gather up our change and take our crumpled dollars from our pockets and buy some of that sweet, sweet frozen-dairy goodness. Have a bad day at work? Butterscotch sundaes (our guy charges $2.50) with soft-serve vanilla ice cream, all sweet and syrupy, will fix you. And vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles ($2) can’t hurt either. If you’re feeling guilty about not eating a balanced meal, get a banana boat ($4). There’s strawberry in there, pineapple chunks, soggy walnuts, chocolate syrup, three scoops of ice cream, and a whole nanner—it’s ice cream’s answer to a garden salad.

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