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Baltimore Halal Meat and Grocery

This location is closed

By Bret McCabe | Posted 5/31/2006

This fairly new ethnic grocer at 21st and Charles streets offers the usual mix of Indian and Pakistani grocery goods—three cheers for anyplace in the city where you can get cardamom pods and raw pistachios without having to pawn a body organ—plus some nice bonus-round produce options (hooray for yet another spot to find affordable avocados). For cheap eating, proceed directly to the two large aluminum foil pans sitting on the checkout counter. In one you can nab a chicken samosa ($2 each) full of modestly spiced chopped chicken breast wrapped inside a lusciously moist and flaky crust. Even better are the veggie samosas ($1 each), which feature that same light and crisp crust hugging richly piquant potatoes and peas. They’re room temperature when you buy them, so if you prefer your samosas piping-hot, just hustle on home or to the office to nuke your little pillows of goodness in their individual-sized brown-paper bags. We’re not so well-mannered, and bite right into the yummy treats only a few steps outside the door.

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