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Bohéme Cafe

Address:400 E. Pratt St.
Baltimore, MD 22120-1

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By Anna Ditkoff | Posted 6/21/2006

Boheme Café talks a good game. The small Inner Harbor café serves up fancy sandwiches and salads that sound delicious but don’t taste like much. The Denver chicken salad ($5.50) offered a huge pile of spinach and little else, making it difficult to find the bland smattering of chicken salad and the sprinkling of walnuts and grapes. In fact, the only thing that had any real flavor was the packet of Ken’s Steakhouse raspberry vinaigrette we received. The sandwiches didn’t fare much better. The ciabatta bread was pleasantly crunchy, but the Florence ham sandwich ($5.50) with spinach, tomato, and pesto sauce had barely any pesto on it. The tomato, cucumber, and red onion on the Chatham tuna sandwich ($5.50) were nice and fresh, but the tuna itself didn’t taste like much. The lone standout was the York turkey sandwich ($5.50) with mango chutney, which erred on the side of overpowering. The turkey was good and the chutney flavorful, but it tasted a bit too much like applesauce and was slathered on with such a heavy hand it overwhelmed the turkey. We didn’t try any of Boheme’s breakfast offerings, which are served all day. They sound delicious--the Lil’ Italian breakfast ($4.50) boasts scrambled eggs, steamed spinach, bacon, and provolone on ciabatta bread--but Boheme fooled us before.

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