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Dogwood Deli

This location is closed

By Wendy Ward | Posted 9/27/2006

Foodstuff options in Hampden improved with last yearís addition of Soupís On and is looking lighter still with Dogwood Deli, a tiny spot crowded with a few stools. DDís mission of using fresh ingredients translates to a menu with adjectives like Amish, organic, One Straw Farm, free range, vine ripened, and seasonal. All that choosy work pays off. A handful of house-made potato chips--waffle cut and perfectly salty--come with Dogwoodís sandwiches, like Bridgetís Veggie Powerhouse Wrap, which encases an assortment of veggies, including the lonely radish, and "lemony hummus" in a colorful spinach tortilla ($6). The Grilled Fresh Turkey Rachel ($7), a Reuben with turkey, coleslaw, and Swiss, was a touch coy--needed a more aggressive mustard than the proffered cranberry. They got it right with the Rosemary-Peppered Roast Beef and Blue ($7.75) on lightly toasted ciabatta spread with an apricot-horseradish chutney, and the One Straw Farm Summer Organic Vegetable Stack ($6.50)--we look forward to the autumn edition. One of the best sandwiches was a special of the day: a lovely grilled Reuben ($7.38) with crunchy sauerkraut and plenty of stone-ground, spicy mustard.

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