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Chok Chai Thai Carry-out

Address:6620 Harford Road
Baltimore, MD 21214

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By Bret McCabe | Posted 11/29/2006

This Northeast Baltimore Thai carry-out/walk-up is a longtime Cheap Eat fave, but for whatever reason we never tried the near genius that is Chokchai wings until this year. The idea is blithely simple--four chicken wings served with some Thai-ish dipping sauce. The treat is in the execution. These four wings look like some forward-thinking Rem Koolhaas blob design for new affordable beachfront housing or something: atop a single chicken leg bone sits an ovoid of chicken, about twice the size of a gold ball, coated in the lightest but crispiest flaky breading this side of the topmost millimeter of a homemade biscuit. Inside, moist chicken surrounds a center of lightly seasoned crabmeat, the whole morass a sensuous mouthful that nicely plays off the kinda sweet, kinda tangy, all delicious dipping sauce. First tried as an appetizer after weekend afternoon drinks with friends, now our Chokchai dinner order is little more than a cup of one of its yummy soups and an order of these fabulously delicious treats.

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