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The Brass Hen

The Brass Hen

Phone:(410) 464-2100
Address:1407 E. Cold Spring Lane
Baltimore, MD 

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By Jason Torres | Posted 2/7/2007

Nestled away in Northeast Baltimore at a godforsaken shopping center at Cold Spring Lane and Loch Raven Boulevard that is home to, well, not very much in particular--aside from a laundromat and a knickknack store that sells hair extensions, fake platinum jewelry, cigarettes, and candy. And the Brass Hen, a bizarre little spot that serves traditional, greasy carry-out stuff such as fries, wings, and, for some reason, raw lake trout. It also serves breakfast, though, which is why we show up--particularly for those pretty damn good steak and egg sandwiches it slings for $3.85. A grill-warmed sub roll is barely able to hold in all the meat and lettuce and onions and tomato, and then it gets pushed to the limit when two eggs, however you like 'em, are plopped right on top. It's almost enough to make you go home and crawl back into bed. Full belly and change back from a fiver? Good morning!

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