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Rosie's Famous Deli

This location is closed

By Erin Sullivan | Posted 3/7/2007

The first couple of times we tried to eat at this eclectic neighborhood diner, located just across the street from Hollins Market, the smell of powdered sugar and vanilla wafted through the air and mingled with the smoke drifting from a couple of cigs sitting in little foil ashtrays on the counter where a few locals, obviously regulars, jawed away. The service, though, was so slow that all we had time to do was order an egg and sausage breakfast sandwich ($1.99), which didn't exactly blow us away. We were so intrigued and tempted by that sugary smell, though, we made it a point to return on an afternoon when we had a little more time to kill--and, damn, was that ever a good move. That smell, it turns out, comes from the waffle iron, on which this place churns out some fantastic Belgian waffles. You can get them served up pretty much any way you please: simple with cinnamon sugar ($2.99), with a hearty side of bacon and eggs and called the Baltimore Washington Combo ($4.99), in dessert fashion as a banana split waffle ($6.99), etc. You have more than a dozen options to choose from, they're all cheaper than dirt, and we really can't say enough good things about them. For the spoilsports who won't touch the sugary stuff, there's also a huge menu full of sandwiches, breakfast items--we love the gut-busting Pigtown Platter with the addictive red-potato home fries, yum, only $5.99--burgers, and hot dogs. But really, get the waffles. Live a little.

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