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Pupuseria y Taqueria Latina

Address:Southeast corner of intersection of Annapolis Road and West Patapsco Street
Patapsco Flea Market
Baltimore, MD 21230

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By Joe MacLeod | Posted 4/11/2007

The nueva conquista of Baltimore continues. The elusive vehicle we spotted in Glen Burnie and dubbed the Great White Taco Truck has established a stable presence near the weekends-only Patapsco Flea Market in the parking lot of a defunct 7-Eleven. This stand pushes classic roadside chow: heavy, greasy, and soul-satisfying. If you're a "welcome to America, now speak English" kinda citizen, we suggest you head over to Taco Bell while we discuss the eye-rolling-good pupusas ($1.50 each) we successfully crossed the Great Language Barrier for: one plain gooey-good grilled cheese, one cheese and salty, salty pork, served with the perfect grease-cutting accompaniment of tangy curtido slaw. We also snarfed down a sampling of tacos ($2 each)-moist, nicely grilled chicken, shredded grilled beef, and more salty puerco, stuffed into double wrappings of sturdy, spongy homemade tortillas and dressed with cilantro, onion, and shooters of mild green chile sauce. We ordered a Coke and were pleased to see hecho en mexico on the label, which still means sugar in the soda pop instead of high fructose corn syrup. Items worthy of further exploration based on observing regulars ordering: chicken flautas, fried plantain, yuca con chicharron, and tamales. And hey, if you check this out and habla Espaņol, ask where this truck operates on weekdays, OK?

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