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Narita Japanese Restaurant

Address:1101 St. Paul St.
Baltimore, MD 

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By Anna Ditkoff | Posted 5/16/2007

Eating at Narita was a fairly unfulfilling affair. The half restaurant, half small neighborhood market's empty buffet area, which separates the two, doesn't create the best atmosphere. And all the tables were empty when we sat down for lunch. We ordered a sushi lunch special ($7.95), which wasn't on the menu and may have been made on the fly, and a bowl of ramen ($6.95). While we waited for our food several people poked their heads in but promptly left when they realized the buffet had been ditched for Japanese fare. The service is incredibly friendly and the sushi special was good: five pieces of fresh fish, half a California roll, and two fried dumplings--all thoroughly enjoyable. The accompanying salad was a couple hunks of iceberg with too little ginger dressing, but that's hardly unusual. The meal's big disappointment was the ramen. A Japanese vacation had instilled visions of a big heaping noodle bowl with generous helpings of meat and veggies thrown in, the kind of lunch that makes dinner unthinkable. Instead, we got what appeared to be Oodles of Noodles. It was absolutely flavorless and had little more in it than dried slivers of mushroom and scallions. We left hungry and stopped to get $1.50 hot dogs on our way back to work; they were delicious.

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