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Upper Deck Bar and Grill

Phone:(410) 752-1915
Address:34 S Eutaw St.
Baltimore, MD 

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By Tim Hill | Posted 6/6/2007

The Upper Deck is like most Baltimore corner takeout grills--yellowed tile walls, fake wood veneer booths, and a hard-nosed attitude that comes from years of dealing with street drama: "I'll pour your soda when you show me your money," the cashier told the guy next to us, right after telling a dopehead pleading for a glass of water to hit the sidewalk. Still, our cheesesteak sub ($5.75 special includes chips and small fountain soda) was carefully prepared by the stoic--natch--grill cook. It was "ridiculous," beamed our lunch companion, marveling at the sauce created by an overabundance of mayonnaise and steak gravy. He even licked the wax-paper wrapper. The chicken gyro ($5.95) was perhaps less fatal, with lots of chopped fresh onions, tomatoes, and tzatziki sauce overflowing its pita. The chicken breast was cooked right then, unlike many places that serve you re-grilled meat from a pan taken from the cooler. It all takes a few extra minutes of waiting in the un-air conditioned room, but it's worth it.

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