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California Tortilla

Address:300 W Pratt St.
Baltimore, MD 21201

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By Jess Harvell | Posted 7/18/2007

The newish Pratt Street location of this Washington-based mini-chain looks primed to take advantage of Baltimore's lack of quickie takeout Mexican joints, at least for the downtown day-jobbers. In addition to salads and tacos and whatnot, the burritos come in a more-than-manageable "small" and a Nerf football-sized "regular." On a busy Monday, we grabbed a small black bean and cheese ($3.99) and a small steak burrito ($5.49), plus chips, salsa, and a drink for an extra $1.79. The chips weren't really salty enough and the salsa tasted straight out of a Sysco canister. The burritos were pretty good, though, the black bean a moist, carb-loaded belly filler. The steak fared slightly less well, with our informal jury describing the "grilled" meat as, "like your friend who tried to grill a steak and ended up overcooking it, so he tried to pass it off like he was going to make burritos all along." On the plus side, the joint's also got 75 different hot sauces on its "wall of flame," and we tossed back shots of several, including a spicy Jamaican-style scotch bonnet and something called the "Ass Shredder." Both added a little needed extra kick to the spongy burritos, but we'll have to wait 24 hours to let you know if the "Ass Shredder" lives up to its billing.

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