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Kitten's Eat to Live

This location is closed

By Anna Ditkoff | Posted 8/15/2007

Often, where we eat at Lexington Market has as much to do with how long a line we want to wait in as what we want to stick in our gobs. Sometimes we just don't want to battle the crowds. On one such day, we ended up at Kitten's Eat to Live, a small stall in an undertrafficked corner. The woman behind the counter couldn't have been sweeter and we had our food in no time. The few minutes we did wait gave us time to ponder the stall's adorably baffling name.

The shrimp salad sandwich ($5.75) featured large, firm shrimp with mayo, celery, and a lightly spicy kick, but it was the desserts that really stood out. The bread pudding ($1.75) was a thick and uncomplicated block of bread, cinnamon, sugar, and raisins that didn't look like much but proved near perfection--sweet without being sickening and dense without being overly heavy. The individual mini sweet potato pie ($3.) was creamy and delicious with a nice maple flavor that was once again sweet without being too much. But our favorite had to be the banana pudding ($2). The nice counter lady gave us a helping so generous she had to wrap it in cellophane to keep the top on. It was a banana dream of creamy smooth pudding with bits of cake and chunks of actual banana. Not bad for a place chosen just because there wasn't a line.

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