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El Rinconcito Peruano

Address:1801 E. Lombard St.
Baltimore, MD 

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By Christopher Skokna | Posted 9/26/2007

Any place that plops a bowl of toasted, salted, unpopped corn kernels--called cancha--on our table is alright with us, and that's the least of it at this Upper Fells Point place. Surprisingly roomy inside and with a comfortable, fa-mily atmosphere, El Rinconcito serves up roasted chicken and a number of other Peruvian classics such as lomo saltado and ceviche. But most of that was out the evening we visited, and our waitress steered us toward somewhat unfamiliar territory. The tallarín saltado ($9.95) featured sautéed beef, onions, tomato, cilantro, and soy sauce all mixed together with a plate full of spaghetti. If you've ever wondered where the cuisines of Japan, Latin America, and Italy come together, this is it: tasty, if heavy on the soy sauce, and enough for two-plus meals. The aji de pollo ($9.95), on the other hand, reminded us of home, as it looked like a cross between chicken à la king and our stepmother's "cheesy chicken." This creamy, savory comfort food--a casserole of chicken, bread, and milk--was served over sliced boiled potatoes and iceberg lettuce. We'll get it again. We'll also keep getting pitchers of chicha morada ($5), a refreshing, sweet purple corn drink festooned with fruit that tastes like alcohol-free sangría.

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