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Address:784 Washington Blvd.
Baltimore, MD 21230

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By Wendy Ward | Posted 12/5/2007

Every surface of this sunny Pigtown coffeehouse radiates light: glazed tan brick walls and pumpkin-painted walls, mustard tabletops and sunflower plates, pretty wood floors and chairs. Amid all this warmth, we found ourselves drawn to the hot pressed sandwiches from the "authentic Italian panini press." Served on fabulously chewy sourdough bread, each one came out oozing cheese, toasted without butter or oil, and perfectly ungreasy. The Pigtowner ($5.75) features healthy slabs of smoky ham with Swiss and provolone cheeses in a classy twist on a lunchroom fave. A chipotle spread added bite to the spicy turkey panini ($5.75), layered with thick slices of smoked turkey, roasted red bell peppers, and provolone, but it lacked the arugula listed on the menu. That bite of green would have taken this otherwise tasty combo to another level. But never mind, we've saved the nosh that's going to put Evelyn's on the map for last: the Swiss, provolone, and fig jam sandwich ($6.95). The thin layer of mustardy, sweet, and spicy fig jam made this lovely toasted cheese the best we've had. That Evelyn's serves Zeke's coffee and espresso is just cake at this point.

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