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Chicken Bones' Salmon Burger

Chicken Bones

Address:400 W. 29th St.
Baltimore, MD 

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By Joe MacLeod | Posted 12/12/2007

While there aren't as many chicken parts as we expected at friendly Remington stalwart carry-out Chicken Bones, the wings-only four-piece box including a generous portion of regular fries ($5.24) didn't disappoint, with tender, meaty, nicely coated bird extremities yielding just the right amount of grease as we tore it off the bone. Perfect; shoulda ordered the six-piece ($6.69). The "Dinner Platter" of lake trout ($7.67, includes two sides) featured unremarkable green beans and collards trumped by large, flaky, skin-on, tail-on fillets with a light breading and minimal grease, and while we were happy to see oriental cuisine on the wall menu in chez Chicken Bones' stark interior, and were well satisfied with our well-turned heaping helping of bulgoki ($7.09), for us the big find on the menu was the salmon burger ($3.50), which we requested--and always and forever will--in the Bones-recommended manner, to wit: lettuce, tomato, mayo, red hots, and fried onions on a sesame-seed bun. A ground fish-flavored bomb exploding on every bite.

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