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The Charred Rib

Address:12 W. Ridgely Road
Lutherville, MD 

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By Michelle Gienow | Posted 12/19/2007

The Charred Rib is favored by those who want to exercise their God-given right to drink a whiskey sour and smoke a Kool while dining, just as they've done for the past five-plus decades. One of the great advantages of dining with the senior set is inexpensive chow, and this place serves the kind of rib-sticking fare that tastes so right when the winter winds blow.

Health is not the point here. Consider the meat loaf platter ($5.99)-three hefty slices of loaf and a giant scoop of garlic mashed potatoes swimming in a river of gravy. You can also enjoy a half rack of baby-back ribs accompanied by fries and slaw ($8.99) or a respectable crab cake ($7.99). All these are lunch specials (Monday-Saturday) but the regular menu offers cheap treats as well, from a hefty sirloin Angus burger ($5.99) to a tasty homemade pork BBQ platter ($5.99).

The food here is old-fashioned in a good way, in that most of it is actually made on the premises instead of arriving in a Sysco freezer tray. Don't miss the daily homemade soups-we recently enjoyed a thick, fat-o-licious bowl of cream of potato-and especially the desserts. The chef's sister makes the towering, tender coconut cake ($5.25), the head waitress creates the hot milk lemon cake ($5.25), and our waiter assured us that the terrifically creamy tiramisu ($6.50) is made by "a real Sicilian." Dig in.

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