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Baugher's Peaches

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Address:289 W. Main St.
Westminster, MD 21158

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By Joe MacLeod | Posted 1/23/2008

Lately we've been hearing about this whole "eat local" thing and how food should go right from the farm to the plate to your mouth, so in that spirit (thanks to Eddie's of Mount Vernon) we recently enjoyed several servings of Tree Ripened Yellow Clingstone Peaches ($4.99), which came from a can, put there on behalf of nearby Westminster's Baugher's Orchard. Yes, local canned peach halves, packed in a clear heavy syrup of sugar and water, providing a crisp finish after every delectable bite of fruit flesh. These peaches make for a perfectly serviceable stand-alone dessert item, remarkably firm and toothache-sweet. As regular consumers of all manner of canned fruit, if we had our little way, we'd eat these sun-soaked bulges of nature's candy every day.

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