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Aunt Erma's Baked Goods

Address:Pennsylvania Dutch Market
11121 York Road
Cockeysville, Md 

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By Lee Gardner | Posted 1/30/2008

If you've been trying to drop a few pounds between New Year's and swimsuit season, you might not wanna read any further because just knowing that Baltimore County's Pennsylvania Dutch Market sells whoopie pies makes it tough for us to drive by without stopping for one (95 cents), or a half-dozen ($5.50)-Thursday through Saturday only, of course. What's a whoopie pie, you ask? Amish crack in the form of a dessert, that's what. Two light, fluffy hemispheres of tender chocolate cake cocooning an even lighter, fluffier cloud of white icing. Sigh. Talk about melt in your mouth. They're baked by the nice ladies at Aunt Erma's, right inside the door of the Pennsylvania Dutch mini-mall, along with scads of other amazing homey baked goods, and they come in other flavors, including oatmeal, red velvet cake, and, around the holidays, pumpkin. But give us the delicate cocoa/creamy taste of an original chocolate any day. Or, you know, a half-dozen.

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