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The Dutch Kitchen

Address:11121 York Rod
Cockeysville, Md 21030

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By Michelle Gienow | Posted 2/20/2008

Betty Crocker, Aunt Jemima, Sara Lee--the food industry is well aware of the powerful desire for a nurturing grandma in the kitchen whipping up delicious homemade food just for us. Never mind that the marketing department-created ladies are pitching industrial food filled with ingredients you never heard of. At the Dutch Kitchen there are actual nurturing ladies in the kitchen, whipping up from-scratch old-fashioned food such as chicken pot pie and creamed chipped beef. And, because it is Amish-run, many of the Dutch Kitchen's offerings use ingredients produced on small farms around Lancaster, Pa. Even something as simple as eggs, bacon, and home fries ($5.25) is rendered special when prepared from ingredients like these. The eggs boast the dark-golden yolks of hens raised out-of-doors, and the crusty, slightly sweet toast comes from homemade bread.

The wonderfully soul-soothing chicken pot pie ($7.45 for the platter) features hunks of tender stewed chicken swimming in broth with vegetables and big square homemade egg noodles. The platter comes with two vegetables; try the homemade chow chow (pickled vegetable salad) or zesty stewed tomatoes. The chicken corn soup ($2.95 bowl) is a belly-filling bowl of corn, chicken, and more homemade noodles in a thick broth that leaves you ready to face the rest of a chilly Thursday, Friday, or Saturday--for, alas, those are the only days this fantastic little spot is open.

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