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Michelle Gienow

CrÍpe du Jour

Address:1609 Sulgrave Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21209-

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Posted 3/5/2008

Why We Go: We love us some French food, but we don't always have the wallet for Petit Louis or Brasserie Tatin. Crepe du Jour is a cozy little room overstuffed with wood tables, run by a friendly staff--just as we'd expect from a French country restaurant. The Sunday brunches are lots of fun.

What We Eat: The crepes, of course. Sweet or savory, dinner or dessert, they have all the classics. They do steak well, and salads are a hearty alternative to the notoriously meaty French dinner.

What We'd Change: We don't know where they'd expand into, but dang, sometimes that little room gets crowded.

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