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Christopher Myers

Petit Louis Bistro

Address:4800 Roland Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21210

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Posted 3/5/2008

Why We Go: Cindy Wolf and Tony Foreman have opened a restaurant for just about every fine dining mood, from the stylish Pazo to the more traditional Charleston. Petit Louis is the most laid back, allowing us to have a fine-dining experience without feeling tragically unhip or, you know, poor.

What We Eat: We've never been less than stunned by Petit Louis' fare, whether it's the brunch or a nice dinner. If the kitchen is offering one of it prix-fixe dinners revolving around a perfectly in-season item, get it. The cherry one still haunts our taste buds.

What We'd Change: There's not much to quibble about here, but the bar area is uncomfortably small, especially on weekend nights when patrons are stuck waiting for tables there.

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