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Christopher Myers

Joung Kak

Address:18 W. 20th St.
Baltimore, MD 21218

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Posted 3/5/2008

Why We Go: We come for the Korean-style barbecue--in which you cook your own chicken, beef, fish, ribs, or shrimp over an open-fire grill at your table--and stay for the friendly service and delicious seafood pancakes. And we stay even longer thanks to the late-night hours; Joung Kak is open till 4 a.m.

What We Eat: Besides the BBQ, we look forward to the many bowls of pan chan--kimchi, tiny clams, potato salad--that come with every meal and, if we still have room left over (doubtful), a hot pot filled with seafood or beef.

What We'd Change: A little more English translation on the long menu would be nice. A lot of the stuff remains a mystery.

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