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Michelle Gienow

Thai Restaurant

Address:3316 Greenmount Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21218-

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Posted 3/5/2008

Why We Go: There may be a coupla new--and good--players in the Thai food scene, but we always return to Thai Restaurant. The friendly staff and attentive service make us feel like we're at home, if our homes had lime green walls lined with paintings of Thai folk dancers.

What We Eat: Pad woon sen or slow-cooked beef with masaman curry, which happens to be a regular special on weekend nights, are two of our favorites. Whole cooked fish, crispy duck, and a nice range of vegetarian options, featuring tender shiitake mushroom and perfect baked tofu, often make their way to our tables.

What We'd Change: Thai Restaurant gets too busy for its own good on some weekends and holiday nights, like Mother's Day. There has to be another waiter or waitress who can help out.

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