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Christopher Myers


Address:822 Lancaster St.
Baltimore, MD 

More on Cinghiale.

Posted 3/5/2008

Why We Go: We're exhausted from trying not to spend money in Harbor East shops, or we really need to talk about the flick we just saw at that new movie theater. Cinghiale is best on a random weeknight when you can commandeer a couple of spaces at the bar.

What We Eat: Cured meats on a plate, a simple thing executed with artistry, or the fritto misto--another experience in sensuous living, this time with fried vegetables. But more elaborate things, too, like braised veal shoulder, suckling pig, and whatever wine the nice people there tell us goes with the great things we're eating.

What We'd Change: We'll learn to live with having the house dining method explained to us, but that thing about asking diners if they've been here before, we still think it sets the wrong tone.

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