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Chaps Pit Beef

Address:5801 Pulaski Highway
Baltimore, MD 21205

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Posted 3/5/2008

Why We Go: The wonderland of pit beef that Pulaski Highway once was is no more, with pretty much just Chaps serving up this peculiar local specialty. Fortunately, Chaps has long been our favorite: See CP Best Of's dating back nearly a decade.

What We Eat: Chaps has a pretty long menu, but we stick with beef, on a kaiser roll, and adorned only with raw onion and horseradish sauce. And some excellent french fries, on the side, which are especially good with a dousing of malt vinegar.

What We'd Change: Chaps is your best lunch option when getting an emissions inspection on the east side, so how about an outpost in Southwest Baltimore, for when we get our car tested in Violetville?

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