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Eat Special Issue

Christopher Myers


Address:600 Oldham St.
Baltimore, MD 21224

More on Samos.

Posted 3/5/2008

Why We Go: Samos has taken some critical dings for rising menu prices, the fact that its eats aren't all that much better than other Greektown joints, and its long lines. But there's a reason for those long lines, and that's Samos' combination of friendly, if hurried, service, brightly lit environs, and absolutely delectable grub.

What We Eat: We always start with the sampler of spreads--featuring olive tapenade, taramasalata, hummus, and more--then move on to a dinner of appetizers--dolmades, calamari, spinach pie--or go for some souvlaki, lamb chops, or moussaka. It's all good.

What We'd Change: It'd require kicking out the next-door neighbors, but another dining room for weekend nights would help reduce those lines.

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