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Christopher Myers

La Cazuela

Address:1718 Eastern Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21231

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Posted 3/5/2008

Why We Go: If you suddenly hanker for Ecuadorian food, this is your only option within 100 miles. Luckily, monopoly fails to corrupt the good food, attractive presentation, and kind service.

What We Eat: Camarones a la Equatoriana (grilled shrimp with chimichurri sauce), the distinctive puffy empanadas, and the classic Ecuadorian rice dish chaulafan, a good example of the multinational influences that shape South American cuisine. One day we will try the daunting cuy asada (roast guinea pig).

What We'd Change: The churrasca %u02C6 la serrana (grilled flank steak) doesn't taste grilled and is not as tender as it should be.

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