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Liquid Earth

Address:1626 Aliceanna St.
Baltimore, MD 21231-

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Posted 3/5/2008

Why We Go: For healthy vegetarian/vegan/organic food (that tastes good) with a nice coffee, juice, or smoothie-type drink for afters.

What We Eat: We are big fans of the marinated, baked-tofu Reuben (vegan option available), and enough cannot be said about the meatless masterpiece that is the Sacred Submarine. Also check out the kick-ass (and vegan) TLT, a fake bacon, fake mayo, real tasty BLT alternative.

What We'd Change: We guess it's part of the casual Liquid Earth vibe, but basically, the service is relaxed, so you need to relax when you walk in. Don't expect a cleared table or sudden service.

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