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Christopher Myers

Try's Asian Fusion

Phone:(410) 580-9004
Address:3755 Old Court Road
Pikesville, MD 

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Posted 3/5/2008

Why We Go: Try's offers good fresh food inspired by several different Asian cuisines that is more than worth checking out, even if the restaurant is in the Gucci Giant parking lot.

What We Eat: On a lark, we'll try crispy pork intestines, spicy duck's tongue, steamed whole eel, or Shanghai-style cold spicy jellyfish, but our standbys are the fisherman-style fried eggplant, topped with garlic; homemade kimchi; stir-fried murex; and Thai eggplants in a spicy hot pot.

What We'd Change: The menu can be hard to navigate, but mostly, Try's needs more regular patrons to help foot the bill for a larger staff.

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