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Silver Moon II Restaurant

Address:801 E. Baltimore St.
Baltimore, MD 

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By Bret McCabe | Posted 3/5/2008

Sometimes sounding good, looking good, and tasting good just isn't enough--especially when the actual eating of lunch is all you can recall. As semifrequent subway riders, we've passed the Silver Moon II storefront countless times when entering or leaving the Shot Tower stop on the east side of President Street, but only recently popped in. Perhaps the bitter wind drove us inside and caused the eye to alight to something that sounded both hearty and comforting. The grilled Reuben ($6.95) appealed to our inner old Jewish man--we call him "Ike"--and it didn't disappoint. Two slices of rye bread grilled to a toasty crispness, topped with a hearty but not overwhelming mound of sauerkraut, corned beef, and melted Swiss, served open-faced with a scoop of potato salad and the Russian dressing on the side. Wonderful, really. Problem is, it's impossible to fold over into a sandwich proper, and the plastic knife and fork don't make civilized eating that, well, civilized. You end up mashing and mangling your gorgeous lunch into grilled Reuben hash. Also: The woman at the counter could've been less rude to customers.

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