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Midtown Yacht Club

Address:15 E. Centre St.
Baltimore, MD 21202

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By Michael Byrne | Posted 5/14/2008

Is it a fair trade-off spending a little bit more on a drink while having access to a giant, bottomless barrel of yummy salted peanuts in return? Yes, yes it is. Does the bar make more money off drinkers ordering extra rounds just to salve their salt-cured tongues? Probably. The Midtown Yacht Club has a good thing going with that barrel, for all parties involved (excepting the poor bastard that has to spend all night sweeping peanut-shell fragments out of every godforsaken corner of the wooden floor). Peanuts excepted, our stops at the Yacht Club always wind up being somewhat arbitrary; it's not a go-to. At the south end of Mount Vernon, it's a ways from clubs, theaters, and anything else that would make it part of a proper evening tour. If it wasn't on the way to and from downtown--and a short walk from work--we'd probably never even think about it. The scene is hard to pin down: bachelor party? Check. Rumpled suits? Check. Soloists watching sports on the TV? Check. Run-ins with friends? Nah, not really a neighborhood/regulars kind of place, but the service is friendly without being doting, and the Midtown Yacht Club does alright with classic pub fare hovering in the $10 to $15 range.

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