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Address:4535 Falls Road
Baltimore, MD 21209

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By Wendy Ward | Posted 5/28/2008

Now open Sundays, Arlon's operates under a new management that's eager to please and all over the place menu-wise, but it's hard not to be charmed by this nondescript carry-out when they come around the counter to hand over your to-go, you know, like Nordstrom. We ordered based on curiosity--battered green beans?--and, also, to try some classics off the extensive menu. The pizza pies (specialty smalls $11.99 each) are surprisingly tight: just enough topping to highlight the chewy crust brushed with olive oil and dusted with herb. A simple Margarita featured mozzarella, Roma tomato, chopped garlic, Parmesan, and fresh basil; Arlon's bright tomato sauce came on the side. Lovely and perfect for summer. As was the Arlon's Special with pesto, gyro meat (!), feta, mozzarella, and sliced black olives. It was salty, but, again, the strong toppings were well thought out and handled lightly. The rib-eye steak quesadilla ($7.99) isn't quite classic pizzeria fare, and this bad boy was more Philly cheese steak than Tex-Mex. Oily, filling, and we're thinking excellent hangover relief. OK, let's get to it: The chicken-fried green beans ($4.99) are sooo good, and good for you--hell, if you're going to deep fry anything, make it a green vegetable.

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