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Parthenon Diner

This location is closed

By Joe MacLeod | Posted 6/4/2008

We're not good at hitting the Early Bird Special, and "dinner and a movie" always seems to turn into movie, then dinner, so we raise a votive offering to our fave Greek goddess, Athena, in thanks for the arrival of the Parthenon Diner, open 24 hours, with a friendly staff and totally Greeked-out diner décor. We enjoyed a salty and satisfying crock of French onion soup ($3.95), which arrived piping hot and appropriately cheese-encrusted. The chicken souvlaki deluxe ($8.65) sported nicely marinated chicken along with a tasty Greek side salad and steak fries that were commendable because the oil they were cooked in wasn't burnt. Diners are for comfort food, and we are duly comforted by the presence of disco fries ($4.35), smothered in cheese and gravy; nicely turned cheese blintzes ($4.95), available with sour cream and apple sauce; and a hot open-faced turkey sandwich avec mashed potatoes (or fries) and doused in a tangy yellow gravy ($8.95), which totally hit the spot and will again some cold fall midnight, by which time we hope, Dionysus willing, the Parthenon will have a liquor license so we can maybe have a snort of ouzo after our rice pudding ($2.25).

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