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Ledo Pizza and Pasta

Address:Southside Marketplace
913 E Fort Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21230

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By Tim Hill | Posted 7/2/2008

If you grew up in suburban Maryland, chances are your family had a meal at Ledo Pizza. A homegrown chain that started in Adelphi, Ledo Pizza spread throughout the state, and now has restaurants down the Atlantic coast. Baltimore, however, hasn't had a Ledo since the one on 41st Street in Hampden closed years ago. Well, Ledo is back, with a spiffy new storefront in Federal Hill and the same trays of thin crust pizzas you probably know well. Ledo's signature pie has a superthin crust with a crispy, folded-up edge, and the sauce is fresher and sweeter than your average tomato sauce. The ingredients are fresh, too, with a cornucopia of choices ranging from broccoli florets to bacon to artichokes to salami. Our medium pizza with pepperoni, sliced roma tomatoes and mushrooms ($7.99, each extra ingredient $1.25) was as good as the ones we remember from our trips to the old Ledo in Hampden, and thanks to the chain-restaurant production model, probably as good as you remember, too.

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