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El Patio Argentine Grill

Address:7968 Washington Blvd.
Jessup, Md 

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By Christopher Skokna | Posted 7/23/2008

Hopefully you're in Jessup to shop at the wholesale seafood market and not to visit some buddy stuck in the poky. Either way, however, make a stop at El Patio to grab a few, or a whole bag of, empanadas. There's other stuff on the menu--rotisserie chicken, grilled meats, a selection of sandwiches--but the action here is these pillowy three-bite-sized turnovers filled with a variety of stuff. Plus, they're fairly unique in the Baltimore-area food world; we, at least, can't think of another Argentine empanada place. We liked the veggie ones best (all empanadas $1.60 each, $14.40 for a dozen): The humita (corn, onion, and cheese) and espinaca (spinach and cheese) both provided bright, clear flavors and weren't too hard on the stomach. The meat ones we tried--beef and chicken--while certainly tasty, were pretty heavy and a bit monotonously flavored. For lunch, get two veggies, one meat, and a drink, and come away full for less than $7.

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