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Happy Day Diner

Address:8302 Pulaski Highway
Rosedale, MD 21237

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By Joe MacLeod | Posted 8/6/2008

We're suckers for anything listed as "homemade" on a diner menu, and when it's a breakfast item (because never mind what time it is, we're usually in a diner for breakfast, OK?) we're all over it like flies on shit, or in this case, like "shit on a shingle," the colloquialism best associated with the culinary curiosity known as "creamed chipped beef on toast." Happy Day Diner did not disappoint with a side order of its homemade creamed "chipped beef in a cup" ($3.45), a smooth, salty, and, yeah, creamy flour gravy studded with fragments of dried beef smothering two pieces of white toast with heartstopping, soul-satisfying love. Also, a tip o' the spoon to Happy Day's homemade rice pudding ($3), served hot or cold, heavy on the pudding and just right with a cup of some of the most powerful diner coffee we've ever inhaled ($1.25), refilled until you surrender.

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