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Py Brick Oven Gourmet Pizza

Address:2917 O'Donnell St.
Canton Square
Baltimore, MD 21224

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By Tim Hill | Posted 8/27/2008

It's pretty sparse here: A few tables, a flat-screen TV, and two Globe concert posters--Johnny Cash and Blondie--are pretty much the atmosphere. But that's not the point. Py, in Canton, has been putting out some damn good brick-oven pies for eight months, relying on takeout and delivery to nearby neighborhoods. That was just fine with us. Our pizzas were, well, great. We ordered two eight-inch pies ($7.95 each), and grunted with approval as we polished them off. The Shrooms Py, with portobello and white mushrooms, fresh plum tomatoes, mozzarella, and herbs, was savory and dense with flavor. The Diavola Py was spicy as promised, with hot salami, red pepper, smoked mozzarella, and spicy red sauce. The crusts were baked perfectly, the ideal canvas for all those fresh ingredients to swim and sizzle together. The art was in the pie, not on the wall.

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