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Mick O'Shea's

Address:328 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, MD 21201

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By Michael Byrne | Posted 9/3/2008

It's rather obvious whom Mick O'Shea's is targeting, and it isn't salty old Irishmen with a taste for whiskey. For whatever reason, college kids dig on Irish pubs, or Irish-themed pubs, anyway. On a recent weeknight we were treated to the live-music horror show of a pasty college (looking) dude with an acoustic guitar running through a barrel of dormitory favorites including but not limited to "I Shot the Sheriff" (performed in the style of pasty college-looking dude with acoustic guitar), G Love, at least a few bars of something Dave Matthews Band, that motherfucking Wallflowers "me and Cinderella/ we put it all togetha . . . " song, and a litany of other sensitive-bro modern rock radio fare. Music aside, the bar is, well, just fine. It's a well-kempt, large space with some dark wood and a whole lot of the expected Irish pub dressing/flair with its lights turned up to "restaurant" level. Expectedly, the room, full but with no one standing up or mingling much, was mostly college-looking kids with a few older folks hunkered solo at the bar. The service was prompt and courteous, the draft beer selection was average (about five taps), it stocks what appears to be every flavor of schnapps ever, and the nachos being devoured at a nearby table looked tasty enough to make our stomach pine for a meal sans "entertainment." So, we left. Immediately.

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