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Cafe Azafran

Address:3700 San Martin Drive
Space Telescope Science Institute
Baltimore, MD 21218

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By Anna Ditkoff | Posted 9/10/2008

p> Getting to Azafran can be a bit tricky--you have to curve your way around San Martin Drive and then practically climb over construction to get into the Space Telescope Science Institute building on the Johns Hopkins Homewood campus. Then you have to wind through that building to get to the café--fortunately you get to look at some absolutely breathtaking photos courtesy of the Hubble Telescope on the way. Azafran was a bit more expensive than usual Cheap Eats fare with sandwiches ranging from $7 to $9. The curried chicken salad sandwich ($8.50) was nothing special, but we adored the dressing on the accompanying just-greens side salad. It was citrusy with just right amount of sweetness--a few of our lunch mates thought it was a tad too sweet, but we practically licked the dish. The chicken panini ($8.75) with pancetta and sweet caramelized onions was good if not overly filling. The highest praise went to the BLT ($8.25) with gooey warm avocado and applewood bacon, a Friday burger special ($7.50) with avocado, bacon, and caramelized onions on a chewy roll with fries on the side, and a delicious coconut topped cupcake ($2.50). All in all, Azafran is well worth checking out if you're on campus--especially given the lovely outdoor seating overlooking a sea of tall trees--just maybe not worth making a special trip.

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