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Chicken Express and Caribbean Cuisine

Address:2448 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, MD 21218

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By Bret McCabe | Posted 9/24/2008

This tidy carry-out counter is another fairly new addition to the 25th Street corridor, and here's a raised glass to its long life. Chicken Express and Caribbean Cuisine's menu offers the usual fried chicken, wings, lake trout, subs, and fries found at any takeout joint, but it also offers veggie and turkey burgers and subs, too, which we'll be trying on the repeat visit. What hooked us is the small Caribbean portion of the menu. The offerings are familiar--curry and jerk preparations of chicken, goat, and oxtail--but the flavors are a cut above the norm. Take the spicy beef patty ($2.25), whose crust wasn't pastry flaky but whose ample filling ably delivered a piquant heat. Ditto the jerk chicken ($9.99), where the meat is liberally rubbed in an aromatic, heat-bringing spice and cooked until it easily comes off what few bones there are. Entrées are served with red beans and rice and a warm slaw or white rice and vegetables. Go with the well-spiced beans option, and splurge on side of fried plantains ($2.50), where the outsides are almost crisped and the insides hot, melted plantainy goodness. All of the above is enough for two, or a hearty lunch and satisfying dinner. And do note what we spied only after we paid--Chicken Express stocks that perfect soft drink, Ting, the carbonated Jamaican grapefruit thirst quencher. ()

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