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Käzo Kitchen

Address:500 Progress Drive
Linthicum, MD 21090

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By Wendy Ward | Posted 10/8/2008

Oddly situated inside an Anne Arundel County Chevron minimart--in the Lakson Food Court, between the Baskin-Robbins stand and a rolling hot dog warmer--Käzo Kitchen offers amazingly fresh and tender chicken and Indian sauces served up in big shallow bowls to-go. First choose a base of basmati rice, thick flatbread, or salad greens; top it with boneless chicken ($6.99), sliced beef ($7.29), shrimp ($7.49), tandisserie chicken on the bone (quarter $6.99, half $8.99, white meat 50 cents extra) or pulled ($7.49), or sautéed veggies ($5.79); and finish it with a choice of four Indian sauces and refreshing toppings like chickpeas and sliced tomato. We recommend the fluffy rice over the dense and boring flatbread, the perfectly moist and seasoned tandisserie chicken (tandoor spices without the oven is our best guess), and the spicy and buttery makani sauce (the only authentic Indian sauce; the tikka masala, korma, and cool käzo are more British). We asked for all the fresh garnishes, minus the sliced black olives: lettuce shreds, tomato, chickpeas with parsley, red onion, and corn. We tried the samosa ($1.99) and savory cake ($1.49)--like a potato and herb corn muffin--so you don't have to; they weren't worth the space in our stomachs. Stick with a bowl full of tandisserie chicken; it's lighter than usual takeout Indian well worth the 15-minute drive from the Inner Harbor.

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