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Address:400 W. Lexington St.
Lexington Market
Baltimore, MD 21201

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By Anna Ditkoff | Posted 10/29/2008

MemSahib is an oasis of serene opulence in the dingy din of Lexington Market. The orange and yellow walls give the place a cheery feel, while the fluffy pillows on the seats and ornate material hanging from every available surface add lavishness to this Indian restaurant at the southeast corner of the market. And the food doesn't disappoint. The $7.95 lunch buffet offers a good variety of dishes. We especially enjoyed the chicken tikka masala (though, admittedly, that's an easy A of a dish), the flavorful and tender aloo gobi, and specimen samosas. The nan was nice and fluffy, and the stuffed okra--though slightly burnt on our visit--was a pleasant surprise. But the real revelation here--besides the space itself--was dessert. Alongside the usual Indian take on rice pudding was seera, an almond paste that is reminiscent of cookie dough in the best possible sense. It was a perfect ending to a wonderful meal.

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