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Penn Street Tavern

Address:213 Penn St.
Baltimore, MD 21230

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By Tim Hill | Posted 11/5/2008

We stumbled upon the Penn Street Tavern walking around Ridgely's Delight one afternoon, looking for something a cut above the burgers and Bud Light you get near Camden Yards. And we found it at the Penn Street Tavern, a comfy corner pub that serves great Jamaican food. They offer the full complement of Jamaican cuisine, from oxtails cooked in brown gravy ($13) to salted fish and ackee, a Jamaican fruit ($20). It was lunchtime, however, and we went small-scale: The jerk chicken sandwich with potato wedges ($7) was delicious, if a little small. The tilapia on coco bread ($10), however, excelled on all fronts--perfectly cooked and spiced, topped with sautéed onions and pickled carrot slices, and served with a side of plantains. Of course we ordered a couple ginger beers ($1.50) to wash it down. The food, the friendly service, and a warm, nicely decorated room were all we needed to call the quest a success.

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