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Owl Bar

Address:1 E. Chase St.
Belvedere Hotel
Baltimore, MD 21202-

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By Michael Byrne | Posted 11/19/2008

As a friend puts it, the Owl Bar is where you go "to not see anyone you know." Indeed: located inconspicuously off the back of the Belvedere not-a-hotel lobby, the cavernous bar is home to a crowd decidedly older than we're used to. Like, we might be more likely run into finely dressed friends of our parents than our friends. And our friends are missing out: The Owl Bar is one of Mount Vernon's too-often-overlooked gems. The room itself is both vast--two story ceilings, wide open floor plan--and cozy. The service is about perfect--friendly without trying to be your friend, prompt and attentive without being overbearing. Drinks were aces. We had basic whiskey drinks--the rail was either Jack Daniels or Evan Williams, couldn't tell from the distance--and a pair of Tom Collinses, which our Fancy Drink Expert confirmed were tasty and made properly. (Four drinks came to just over $20, which is nothing to complain about at a relatively swank joint.) We counted 10 better-than-average beers on tap, but it didn't look like anything earth-shattering. Our one kvetch is that the dining room extends right up to the bar stools, making for a weird clash of formal and convivial. It could be weird during peak dining hours. Otherwise, hiding spots don't get much better.

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