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Address:2118 Maryland Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21218

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By Michael Byrne | Posted 11/26/2008

Maryland Avenue, at least in the vague area between Charles Village and Station North, isn't exactly known as a nightlife epicenter, but after passing the iBar--one of only a few after-five o'clock establishments on the Methadone-clinic-populated strip--just about every day on our bike commute, curiosity won. Good thing: There is so much so right about this little bar. For starters, you can feast for, like, nothing on its bar menu--dig Thursday nights for $4 burgers (including veggie burgers) that are actually good. Drinks are cheap: Our wallets were rather pleased with a recent Thursday $2 Yeungling special. (Specials are nightly here; "two-fer Tuesday" and "NFL Sunday" are dangerously affordable as well.) No complaints on the mixed drinks either. We had a whiskey sour made just about right (maybe with too much sour mix, though, frankly, that seems to be the case everywhere). The space is nice enough--lots of wood, some old autographed sports and music posters. There's also a jukebox, but we were only hearing satellite radio junk on our visit (an epidemic that must be stopped). We appreciated the separate upstairs loft area apart from the somewhat plasma-screen-dominated main bar. We also got table service, which was strange and kinda awesome given there appeared to be only one bartender on duty. And we'll definitely be back for the nearly glowing buffalo wings we saw at like every table but ours.

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