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Marie Louise Bistro

Address:904 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, MD 21201

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By Wendy Ward | Posted 12/10/2008

The ex-Gampy's space in Mount Vernon has been renovated into the Euro two-level Marie Louise Bistro, the front of which serves as a café with gorgeous apple and pear tarts, individual chocolate cakes with architectural details in cocoa powder, huge croissants, and other pastries paired with local coffee and teas; the back offers a full menu of appetizers, soups, sandwiches, and entrees--oh yeah, and salads which we are determined to eat non-stop when not noshing at holiday parties, eating rich restaurant foods, and potlucking.

MLB's carryout biosphere domed salads are impressively hearty fare. The spinach salad ($6.95) with hard boiled egg, not enough crispy bacon, and honey mustard dressing includes arugula--breaking up the baby spinach monotony. The bistro salad ($5.95) was not exactly as described on the menu--the "warmed walnut wrapped goat cheese 'crouton'" was completely deconstructed and nary a radish crossed our fork--but the English cucumber, red onion, and herby dressing enlivened the greens, goat cheese, and healthy sprinkle of walnuts. Similar dressing was found on the Mediterranean chopped salad ($7.95) along with sliced and diced salami and capicola, pepperoncini, Greek olives, slices of sharp red onion, cuke, and salty feta. Delish. And, no, we aren't thinking of the fat content in our salads, we are just happy to eat something raw.

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